Where To Get Utah’s Hogle Zoo Discounts And Coupons – Hogle Zoo Coupons 2015

Hogle_ZooA Zoo is always a great attraction for kids in whatever region it’s located. If you want to go out and have fun with your family, you can always get it for much less with Hogle Zoo. Hogle Zoo is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah and it has been a great place for children to visit since 1931. There are 42 tree lined paths which enables visitors to view more than 800 animal species. It has an accreditation by the association of Zoo’s aquarium an accolade that only a small number of Zoos receive.
Hogle Zoo provides its guests with different educational programs all through the year. These programs vary from girl/boy scout troops looking to get a badge to story time with Zookeeper. There are so many different things for every age group.
The biggest discount is that one is allowed to bring their food and beverages. If you are on a budget but you still want your kids to visit the Hogle Zoo, then this is big time savings since after admission, the other big cost for a family when going out is food. Rather than spend a lot of money on lunch, pack some food from home and then treat your kids with some ice-cream.

Sign up for membership

Membership comes with its privileges, and becoming a member makes you legible for some benefits. You get free admission every time you visit the Zoo. Whether you will be going for just one hour or an entire day, you will realize that a whole year’s membership will cater for itself after several visits. It’s great to have somewhere to go when your kids keep telling you “we are bored”!
This membership also has huge savings with discounts on food purchases and wild ride punch pass. You will also get to save on educational classes and Zoo camps after purchasing a yearly membership. Furthermore, your Hogle Zoo membership offers you discounts in more than 125 Zoos across the US.
There are also events that are only for members

Local mom blogs share coupon finds

There are lots of mom bloggers who are usually the first to share special promotions and deals with their readers. A great one is coupons4utah.com.


There are lots of offers to the Zoo on their facebook fan page. In addition, if you dress the part for theme nights and days, you get a reduced price admission.

Hogle Zoo free days

There is no better discount than free! In the cold Utah winter starting from November all through to February, the last Wednesday of each month admission is usually free at Hogle Zoo. It’s a wonderful freebie to get the children out of the house even for just a few hours.

Military Discounts

Military personnel, veterans and their immediate family members get free Zoo admission on July 4th. You must prove that you are in the military by showing your ID or documentation.
There are so many other ways one can get discounts at Hogle Zoo in Utah. Whichever method you choose, you will definitely save some money.

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