A family having fun in salt lake city

Experience Salt Lake City And Have Fun With Your Family

A family having fun in salt lake citySalt Lake City is a small cosmopolitan sophisticated town unlike any other. It is the home of the best museums and theaters, headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a host to the largest salt water lake in the Western Region. It’s also a renowned skiing town with world class National Parks. It’s a wonderful holiday destination with something for all ages.

Furthermore, with such a wide variety affordable Salt Lake City hotel to choose from, you can discover all what this small town has to offer without breaking the bank.
Salt Lake City is a top family vacation destination for Americans with lots of fun filled adventures that adults and children will enjoy at the same time.

Here are some destinations to hit once you are in Salt Lake City.

You can enjoy the roller coaster rides and waterslides at the lagoon amusement park, the largest in the west. If it’s extremely hot and you and the kids want to get cool, you can check in at the seven peak water parks and enjoy different curvy, round or steep water slides.
If you’re children love vacations full of adventure and enjoy hiking, you can plan for a tour to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument or check out hiking guides for families for the Southern Park in Utah. Some of the hikes include short strolls on level trails while others will push you from your comfort zone. You can read some tips from successful hiking experiences with children from the Arches National Park and apply them on your camping trips.
Salt Lake Art Center: This is a free contemporary visual arts museum that features contemporary exhibitions and programs that have social and aesthetic consciousness. It’s also a great place to see work by both local and international artists.
Liberty Park: The liberty park in Salt Lake City is what central park is to New York City. It’s filled with over 100 acres of playgrounds, bike paths, picnic facilities, jogging and walking paths, ponds with paddle boat rentals and tennis courts. Apart from these standard attractions of the park, it’s also the home to many of the city’s weekend and holiday festivals.
Temple Square: This does not matter whether you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints or not. The sight of this temple is breathtaking! It’s designed in a Gothic style and it’s the home to one of the most famous choirs all over the world. The best thing is that this place is usually a beehive of activities especially on Saturday nights in summer. Further, the place holds free daily concerts in Assembly Hall.

Planning for a trip to Salt Lake City? Here are some upcoming events that you should not forget to include in your calendar.
• Ailine’s Touch of Polynesia
• 91st Annual Spring Salon
• Pins & Needles
• Strayboots Interactive Scavenger Hunt
• Vicious: UMOCAs Annual Gala 2015
• Celtic Woman – 10th Anniversary World Tour
In short, Salt Lake City is the ideal place for having fun, whichever way you describe fun. It’s the perfect place for kids and the adults who are with them.

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