Find You Next Career In Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City Utah is famous for its scenic views, growing job market and loyal population. If you are in search of a great career in Salt Lake City, search no more. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have compiled a list of some jobs in Salt Lake City that are well paying. Here is a list of some decent jobs you can apply to.

salt lake city lawyerLawyer

There are different types of lawyers with each specializing in a different type of knowledge. Here are the most popular ones you may find jobs for in Salt Lake City Utah
Prosecutors employed by the government.
Defense attorneys justify organizations or people charged with a criminal offense.
Family lawyers offer advice to their clients on legal issues that are related to family.
• Litigation lawyers often represent their clients in lawsuits.
Tax lawyers assist individuals and organizations that have any tax related issues.
• Intellectual property lawyers are employed by publishers or movie studios.
Most lawyers work outside their offices as they spend most of their time traveling to meet with clients and to attend trials in courts. Their average salary in Salt Lake City is $100,760 with the highest earners taking home more than $187,200 while the least take home $56,810.

High School teachers

High school teachers teach children from grade 9-12. They often specialize in a given subject such as English or science. High school teachers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in the subject of their specialization and the necessary state license. At other times, a master’s degree is necessary.

High school teachers are influential in their student’s lives. Although teaching can be such a fulfilling and rewarding job, teachers can find it difficult especially when dealing with students who are not motivated or disruptive. At other times, it can be stressful when the schools you are teaching in are not up to standards or there is too much workload to handle. You can expect an average salary of $84,160. The highest paid teachers earn $108,080 while the least paid earn $61,230.

Electronics engineer

Electronics engineers design, test and produce different types of electronics such as stereos, portable music players and navigation systems. They develop, test and oversee the manufacture of different electronic equipment like communication and broadcast systems. They are responsible for making use of non-linear, photo-conductive, dielectric, ferroelectric, and phosphorescent properties of materials. They also test and troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment. They look for the availability and costs of materials. Electronic engineers in Salt Lake City can expect average salary of $81,810 with the top earners taking home $108,400 while the least take home $54,020.

Physician assistant

A physician assistant maintains health by offering medical services under the direct supervision of a physician. They help the physician to be effective by identifying both short and long term patient care problems that should be addressed, offering information where necessary, recommending courses of action and executing the physician’s directives.

Physician’s assistants also access the health of their patients by interviewing them, carrying out physical exams, obtaining and keeping up to date medical histories. They also establish any abnormal conditions by performing diagnostic tests such as electrocardiograms, X-rays and laboratory tests. They document patient care services by charting in patient and department records. As a physician assist in Salt Lake City Utah, one can expect an average salary of $86,510. The highest paid physician assistant earns $120,160 while the least earns $33,530.

Medical assistant

Medical assistants have a wide job description. They perform different duties such as keeping the offices of doctors, medical centers and clinics moving smoothly. According to the needs of the employer, they may carry out administrative, clinical or clerical job duties. The job description of a medical assistant will also vary by the type of office they work in, size of practice and location. You can expect an average salary of $81,350 in Salt Lake City. The highest paid medical assistants in Utah earn $158,730 while the lowest earn $53,080.

The above are some of the jobs in Salt Lake City that are high in demand! Try your luck and see whether you can land any of the jobs.